Our Approach

Have you ever found yourself walking amongst a large group of people on the street or in a crowded shopping plaza or coffee shop and felt so alone?

It’s amazing that in every major city - from Los Angeles to Tokyo - this strange feeling of loneliness or boredom amongst millions of people is so incredibly commonplace.

Picture the average day for most people: wake up, go to work, come back home, go to sleep. Rinse and repeat.

Is there any room for connection? Is there any room for passion? Do we only connect on the weekends?

Life is NOT meant to be about 80% work and 20% passion. It’s meant to be full of enjoyment, connection and fulfillment.

Now imagine this:

While you’re walking on the street, sitting outside a cafe or even taking the train or bus to work - you had a solution that helps you to connect with people who share your passions.

Maybe that guy in line at the grocery store could be your best friend.

Maybe this one woman down the street could be the love of your life.

Maybe that group of people sitting at the table in the same coffee shop as you could become part of your Saturday morning hiking routine.

That’s exactly why the SocialApp was created.

SocialApp is not just about dating or Friday night Happy Hours, it’s about finding the beauty in life through simple human connection.

Using SocialApp, you can easily customize your profile to match your personality. No limitations on how specific you want to be when adding your interests.

Like music? Don't just write "music," tell us your favorite artist, album or song!
Like cooking? Don't just write "cooking," tell us your favorite cuisine, recipes or diets!

The app will automatically pair you with anyone within a nearby radius who matches at least one of your interests.

Curious for more information about exactly how SocialApp works?

Click here for more info on our features.

Happy connecting! 🙂

Isaac Bracha, founder
Nicholas Singh, project manager

Our Story

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